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Ignatius Transposed!


Ignatius Transposed! is a contemporary version of the Retreat in Daily Life as seen through the lens of Pierre Teilhard de Chardins' evoluationary theology.  It is based on Louis M. Savary's groundbreaking book The New Spiritual Exercises: In the Spirit of Pierre Teilard de Chardin. This book presents a spiritual renewal system for contemporary believers based on Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius and inspired by the modern insights of Jesuit priest-scientist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.


In the words of Louis Savary:

The New Spiritual Exercises will follow, for the most part, the same structure and order of the original four weeks of the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius. Participants will pray the exercises following a daily prayer content illuminating the themes of Ignatius. Unlike the original, however, the Transposed Exercises will incorporate Teilhard’s perspectives:


  • Creation’s evolving story must be integrated into any contemporary spirituality.

  • To love God requires loving the world as well. Our challenge in spirituality is to realize how totally integrated we humans are with all creation and how best to work towards creation’s divinely desired evolutionary fulfillment.

  • God’s “Christ Project” encompasses the entire evolving universe, and its aim is to bring creation along with all of us back to God, fully conscious of our divine origin and divine destiny.


We welcome people who have already completed HeartPaths under the traditional exercises or those who are just interested in Ignatius Transposed to participate in this portion of the program. If you're just interested in Ignatius Transposed and not the entire HeartPaths program, email to inquire about joining a group. Cohorts begin each September. 

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