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Who We Are


Our Director and faculty are members of Spiritual Directors International a worldwide learning community of those engaged in the ministry of spiritual direction.  HeartPaths is committed to practice and teach the Ethical Guidelines that Spiritual Directors International has produced for its members.  HeartPaths is also committed to adhere to the proposed guidelines for Enrichment/Formation/Training Program Components currently being considered by the Trainers involved in Spiritual Directors International.  We include these five components in our training:  theological foundations, psychological perspectives, discernment, practicum and supervision.  Though Spiritual Directors International in no way certifies Enrichment/Formation/Training Programs or spiritual directors we at HeartPaths believe it is important to hold ourselves accountable by relating to the wider body of practicing directors and by learning from the common wisdom shared in that organization.


"The only difference between the saints and us (and it is much less than you think) is that they are careful
to welcome and remind themselves of the impressions that God makes on them."

~ Louis Evely

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